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About (shortform Nautilex, logo N§I) was created on October 24, 2014 with the idea to serve reliable legal information and news in the post-modern world of fast and numerous transactions and complex legal relationships that shape our private and professional lives.

As its mission expanded, the contents deepened and the original idea developed further, in 2020 it became The name is a puzzle of the words nautilus (i.e. a cephalopod mollusc with a light external spiral shell and numerous short tentacles around the mouth) and lex (law). It symbolizes the evolving and complex relationship between law and nature, law and (r)evolution, law and person. It is owned and published by a lawyer with vast experience in the field of civil, administrative and international law, and detailed knowledge on human rights, international relations, state affairs and legal tech.

Due to the diversity of post-modern relationships, the blog focuses on many areas of law, such as civil law, administrative law, labor law, commercial law, criminal law, environmental law, and European and international law. As the intertwining of law and life is inevitable, you will also find information and contributions on science, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, geopolitics, international relations, information and mobile technology, the internet, lifestyle, travel and other topics. On Twitter and Facebook, you can browse carefully selected news, comments, opinions, info-graphics and other content related to law and other areas.

Although is not a substitute for the legal advice of an experienced lawyer or attorney, it is always focused on providing reliable, timely and relevant information, opinions and comments. It is complemented by the constantly evolving NautilexGenius∞ platform, which focuses on providing advice and information on employment relationships and rights enforcement within the local community..

In its mission, strongly supports numerous efforts for independent and quality journalism in Slovenia and around the world. It especially trusts the liberal thought of The Guardian, the fearless journalistic spirit of Mother Jones and the Slovenian media for independent journalism Pod črto. It follows the Bloomberg Law channel on YouTube, journalists at Politico and Shelby Timmins’ @divorcedonedifferently profile on Instagram.

The future of the law is in the hands of the young digital generation, which creates, follows and uses new disruptive technologies. AI, big data, IoT, blockchain, crypto currencies, drones and other technological phenomena are creating new living conditions and significantly changing our legal landscape. The law is facing a new phase of development. is law, connected.

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